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Status update time! I realise I should probably post these at regular intervals, so that the changes/stats make sense, but better irregularly than not at all, right?

It’s now three days since I came home from my vacation, though I still have one week off left. While I was away I ate a lot, walked a lot, went running pretty much as often as I planned, and relaxed. I did eat quite a lot of salty food, so the results weren’t immediately apparent when I returned home. Now that the extra water weight has come off, things look really good.

The stats after 10.5 weeks

I use an app for tracking my weight and my measurements, in addition to MyFitnessPal, and recently I’ve begun logging the entries in Excel as well, for easy viewing. It is surprisingly motivating, because then I can easily see that all the numbers have gone down. The first numbers in each row are what I’ve lost during the last month (since 15th of June). The numbers in parantheses are what I’ve lost since I began on the 4th of May as well as the weekly average.

One thing that these numbers don’t show, however, is a milestone I achieved since I started trying to lose weight three and a half years ago. I ended up re-gaining most of that weight, but I am now more than 10 kg lighter than I was at my heaviest!

Weight: -3.6 kg (-7.9 kg, 0.75 kg per week)
BFI: -1.2% (-5.25%, 0.5% per week)
Calf: -0.4 cm (-1.2 cm)
Thigh: -2 cm (-2.5 cm)
Hip: -1.5 cm (-3.5 cm)
Waist: -1.7 cm (-7.2 cm)
Chest: -2 cm (-3 cm)
Biceps: -1.2 cm (-3 cm)

For the first time since I started losing weight I am starting to notice a change in the way my clothes fit. I’ve struggled with losing weight and not really feeling any change. I can see that I have lost weight around my face, for example, but when you have worked hard for a year and still wear the same size – that’s not fun. But things definitely seem to work better now.

Comparing to last year around this time, when I still used MyFitnessPal but things started to fall apart, I think I have a far healthier mindset. I don’t over-exercise (not a lot, anyway, and not really for weight loss reasons), I eat more varied foods, and I don’t think a lot about food all the time. Of course, since then I’ve quit one of the medications that (probably) caused me to over-eat, but still.