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When I wrote last entry, on Thursday, I was tired, unenthusiastic, tired, slightly pessimistic and did I mention tired? I was heading to dance class, but honestly I would rather have stayed home.

Good thing I didn’t. It turned out to mostly be my head that was tired, in which case exercise is a very good thing. At least most of the time. In any case both dance classes were efficient, my brain cooperated most of the time, I felt good, and I worked hard. Everyone worked hard, actually, so it was very uplifting.

Then on Friday I went running with my former running partner. I say former because we suddenly find ourselves living on opposite sides of town, and since neither of us need to rely on the other to actually get out the door anymore, and we see each other twice a week in dance class plus whenever else we have time to meet anyway, running together has become something we rarely do anymore. But on Friday we went back to where we almost always ran when we started out, a lake near where I used to live some years ago. It’s a lake that’s a bit less than 2 km around, and we only ever managed two and a half rounds there. On Friday we did 3, and they weren’t all that slow either. For the record, I’m a really slow runner (I’ve always focused more on getting my distance up first, but then I tend to be distracted, and, well…) so “not all that slow” is very good.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went running again. It was my long run, according to my running program, but I didn’t have the patience to run it as slow as it was meant to be run. I have a naturally fast heart rate when I work out, and when I need to be in a low heart rate zone… well, it has to be slow. And that’s, frankly, boring. So yesterday I simply found a pace that felt good and which I felt I could keep up for a while. I ended up with 8.8 km, which I’m happy with. My legs felt fine, and while I was exhausted when I returned home, it was less than I had expected. I felt energized, actually.

I guess the conclusion is that finally I’m back on track, running-wise. It feels good again, I am motivated, and my fitness seem to be improving. Certainly my weight has cooperated – I am now down a further 0.5 kg.

This week will be much of the same. There’s dance class today and Thursday, and then I’ll run three days this week. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some stretching or yoga in there too, but I won’t bet on it…