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Week 1 was the week full of surprises. Exactly a week ago I started the Front Splits Fast program from The Ballet Blog, but I didn’t expect to see any results so fast. The main reason is that I didn’t have the time to do the full program before today. I have done the head and neck section every day, but not anything else.

So today was self-assessment time. I do these (or plan to) once a week, so that I know what I need to focus on for the next week. The main part is the tests from the program, which is a forward reach test (you sit with your feet flexed and back straight, and reach forward to your toes) and a straight leg raise test, where you lie on your back and raise one leg, and see how far you can get it.

For the forward reach test, I had 10 cm (!) improvement. Just from the head & neck section and consciously relaxing my muscles now and then. I’d say that’s a pretty massive improvement considering I didn’t even stretch the hamstrings before today.

The straight leg raise was more disappointing, as the right leg wouldn’t go past 90 degrees, and the left not even that. It wasn’t because of the hamstrings, though, but because my hip flexors and and quads in the other leg are so tight. The amount of hours I’m in front of a computer every day surely has nothing to do with that whatsoever 😛

Anyway, I am a big fan of the program so far. I have gone through the individual parts of it now (the videos for each section, with explanations). Next time, hopefully on Tuesday, I’ll do the video that’s the whole program to music. I think.

For being a front splits program, what I liked the most is the amount of time it uses on other muscle groups. The head and neck, the upper and lower back, spinal mobility, the feet… I really like that. It works on every single one of my problem areas.

Anyway, that was just a short update. In just a moment I’m heading to the fitness centre to try my first step class, and the following strength class. Not overly enthusiastic, but I never am, immediately before the class. That’s when I’m regretting the whole decision, because going into a strange class is scary. And yet it always goes well, strangely enough…