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Wow, I’m really bad at blogging this year… Thought I’d write a little entry since I’m waiting for my train and have the WordPress app on my phone.

Short summary of the past few months: All those things I kept complaining about led to sick leave, which I’m not good at. It’s the end of my third week, and it sucks. Not because I hate being home, but because I can’t stop thinking about work, and now there’s no excuse not to study for my exams… But I’ll keep trying anyway. Hopefully I actually learn from it this time 😛

Last Saturday there was the Bergen City Marathon again. I ran the half marathon for the second time, and it was great! I was 48 seconds away from running in less than three hours, but I’m really happy nonetheless. I broke my previous record pretty thoroughly. Moreover, the weather was nice but not too hot, and we celebrated with tapas and the latest Captain America in the evening. As usual my training plan had collapsed some weeks before the race, but I was far better prepared than last year. (Says a lot about last year…)

Also I splurged on new running shoes and compression socks. Haven’t tried the shoes properly yet, but the socks are great. Might be placebo, but who cares? Besides, they are bright orange knee-high socks. What’s not to love? (No, I have no taste)

I had my first post-half-marathon run last Tuesday. It went surprisingly okay – my feet were somewhat heavy and stiff but nowhere near as bad as I feared. In general I was surprised by how pain free my legs and feet were in the days afterwards. Perhaps I really am in better shape… Still, I did notice very clearly that my body isn’t as used to running as it was, so even if I keep in shape through dancing, I will simply have to run more. Trying out a new program now, so we’ll see!

Got to catch my train now, but hopefully I’ll update again before too long 🙂