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Last Thursday I danced again for the first time since before the holidays, and since we for our summer classes rent a room that actually has mirrors on the walls, I realised that, well, my dancing wasn’t good. I had lost quite a bit of flexibility, and it was technically never where it needed to be.

Let’s be honest. There’s more than a couple of things I really need to improve.

However, I feel like my lack of flexibility is holding me more and more back. I constantly have to fight myself when dancing, either because I can’t get my legs high enough, I struggle having a straight enough back, and I feel like my movements don’t flow whatsoever.

I came across The Ballet Blog’s Front Splits Fast Program, and purchased it, so that’s my project for the next two months. I’ll be doing the program three times a week, and doing the neck stretches/massages every day (my neck is really, really, really bad at the moment). I’ll also note my progress every week, which is where this blog comes into play.

My main goal is to have a marked improvement by the time our dance instructor comes back in the middle of September (she comes over from the UK six times a year; the rest of the time we train ourselves). That’s a bit of a vague goal, though, so the first point of my agenda is to be able to put my whole hand flat on the floor when bending forwards, and to improve my stiff and sore neck muscles. I’ve had more days with tension headaches than without this year, so that’s important.

We’ll see how it goes! I’ll write another update in a week 🙂