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Wow, long time, no see. It’s been ages since I wrote here, more than two months in fact, and lots of things have changed. My Project Flexibility fell completely flat, for example, but I’ve never had much patience with stretching. I had joined my gym last time I posted, and I do think I had started to realize what a good decision it was, but I didn’t even know half of it.

First off, it surprised me how fun working out can be. It’s a bit frustrating that it took me 32 years to realize it, but better late than never. I have liked working out at home, but never really lasted more than a couple of weeks. Now it’s harder to make sure I don’t overdo it, than to make sure I do enough.

I’ve also started training with a personal trainer. It might not be the cheapest or most financially smart thing I’ve ever done, but it is 100% worth it. Not just because my PT is awesome, creates good and varied workouts and because I’ve started to really see progress, but because there is now a person who asks me “why don’t you try this class? I think you’ll like it. No, don’t worry, you’ll do just fine.” It’s really valuable when I get too self-critical. So far, she’s been right every time, and I’ve discovered some new, fun classes because of it instead of limiting myself to just the easiest beginner classes. There are still many classes I haven’t tried yet, but I don’t have time for more anyway 😛

I’ve also done something that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. My gym is starting up boxing groups, and I’ve really wanted to try it. Now there’s a hefty discount on the first groups, so I talked to my PT whether she thought I might be able to do it. As I said, it’s something I’ve really wanted, but I also find it extremely scary. Not because it’s boxing, but because, well, what is a person like me doing there? So here I sit, the day before the first class, really nervous. But I will do it.

Currently my workout week looks like this:

Monday: 2 hrs dance class

Tuesday: PT before work, boxing after work

Wednesday: Running with my brother’s girlfriend, or strength with a friend of mine

Thursday: 3 hrs dance class

Friday: Restitution! (The only restitution day I’ve been able to squeeze in)

Saturday: Zumba

Sunday: Basisball (basic training with a weighted ball, very fun), sometimes Corebar (my bus is early, so I might as well do something with that time).

So yeah. Lots of stuff. I wish I was able to squeeze in some stretching or a yoga class or a dance aerobics class as well, but this will have to do.

When it comes to results, I haven’t lost weight yet, mostly because I just took another round of medication, and the cravings are intense for the first week. Think PMS plus a lot. It’s getting better though. And I have gained muscle, and feel stronger overall, particularly in my arms and core. I haven’t had back pain in a long time, and I feel stronger. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was either.

So yeah, things are looking good. I am determined to see a difference on the scale soon, though!