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Well, hello! Last Saturday I mentioned my Project Flexible, where I’ll work towards becoming more flexible for two months, partially via the Front Splits Fast program that I purchased from The Ballet Blog. I haven’t really done it yet, except that I have done the neck section every day. For one thing, I never realised how much impact a stiff neck has on the rest of the body, and secondly, wow, my neck is bad. I try to relax the muscles as often as I can, but they’re so used to being tense all the time. This will take lots of time and effort, but: it’s time well spent.

As for a training update, I’ve tried new things! At least newish. I didn’t work out during the weekend at all, except some walking, but I noticed that I really needed to just relax after being so busy. I did some stretching, nothing more, and it was just what I needed.

On Monday, I had only a half day at work, so I grabbed a quick lunch at Subway and then went to my fitness centre. I did roughly 90 minutes, I think. 10 minutes’ warm-up on the treadmill, then my strength program, and then the stair thingy. There’s a popular hike here in Bergen called Stoltzen, and it is simply 908 steps. So I like to use the stair machine after my strength training just to work myself up to that – I’ve hiked there, but with a lot of breaks, so I’m seeing how many steps I can do before I need to stop. I’m at 300 now, which isn’t a lot, but an improvement nonetheless.

Yesterday I tried Zumba for the second time, but it was a new teacher and the first time the regular zumba gang was there, apparently (last time was a last-minute substitute for another class whose instructor had fallen ill), and there were hardly any people there. Besides, I only went that time because I had an appointment with that instructor before the class, and since he wasn’t there, the receptionist talked me into trying zumba instead. This time was the first time I planned it in advance (and had enough time to get cold feet). But I did it, I went, and I had fun. It’s pretty far out of my comfort zone, to put it very mildly, but I’ve somehow become a really uptight, constricted person, and this is just what I need to force myself back out of that. I’m used to dancing, of course, but zumba and Irish dancing couldn’t be more different!

Today I had debated trying yoga, but I wasn’t sure if I dared (or had enough time after work). Turns out I forgot to bring workout clothes this morning, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I won’t be able to get home and back again before the class starts. I don’t know how this happened, but I really like the workout classes, and I have to remind myself that I cannot work out every day. Not that much, anyway.

Plans for the rest of the week:

Of course I have plans. Tomorrow there’s one hour of dancing (usually there’s three, but summer classes and limited availability of somewhere to train and all that), and maybe I’ll do my strength program again afterwards since it’s so short. Or the full stretching program.

On Saturday and/or Sunday I thought I’d go to a few classes, except there aren’t many offered, so we’ll see. If not I’ll do my strength program again. There’s a beginner’s step class on Sunday that I might try, though. I could of course do something at home, but I really want to spend as much time at the fitness centre as I can now in the beginning, so that my irrational fears won’t stop me from going later on. Besides, it’s nice. I like the fact that I have become a person who trains at a fitness centre. That I dared, even if my friend, who also goes there, only went with me once. It’s not nearly as scary as I thought (but not nearly as un-scary as everyone said either).

Aaaanyway. Saturday is the day I’ll measure my flexibility progress, so I’ll check back in then and tell you whether I’m progressing or not. Until then!