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I was recently asked to start doing P90 with someone, and considering how much I like that kind of program and how much I’ve missed doing it with someone in the past, I of course said yes. However, considering that I also have dancing and running several times per week, I couldn’t follow the official workout calendars. So I have made my own workout plan, and for once it’s actually quite reasonable. I have not quite worked out when to do the Ab Ripper videos, but as long as I’m able to keep track of how many I’ve done per week, I think I’ll just put them in wherever they seem to fit.

Over to the plan:

  • Mondays: Dance class, 2 hrs
  • Tuesdays: P90 Sculpt
  • Wednesdays: Rest
  • Thursdays: Dance class, 4 hrs (2*2hrs)
  • Fridays: Rest
  • Saturdays: Running
  • Sundays: P90 Sculpt

I feel like there are so little P90 workouts in this one, but I’ve tried being too optimistic before, and it never ends well. I might not actually use both rest days per week, but I thought it would be wise to keep them open just in case. Besides, it’s also an opportunity to do a completely different form of exercise once in a while without feeling like I screwed the plan up. Perhaps a Les Mills Combat workout, perhaps a ballet video, perhaps just a walk… And let’s face it – if I ever want to have a night out on a Friday it’s not like I’ll have time to exercise anyway, since I usually don’t even have time to go home after work.

Time will tell if this will be followed until its end, or if it will run into the sand like my plans usually do. Even if the P90 program normally runs for 3 months, I am not completely sure. I have a half marathon in two months, so I’ll have to see if I get enough running. But the plan is to keep this up until I finish both Block 1, 2 and 3 of the P90 program, then we’ll see.

Well, I’m heading out the door a bit. It’s sunny outside (which is a nice change), and my doctor told me that I have far too little Vitamin D, so I need to get a bit more sun. I barely even see the sun during the winter, so it wasn’t really a surprise… And then I’ll do today’s P90, followed by dinner. I finished a massive translation job very late last night, and after sleeping in this morning I did a mandatory assignment (on company tax calculation, not at all a confusing subject). So now I have absolutely nothing that I need to do, which is veeery great and far too rare.