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We all have periods when we have a little extra time to spare. Perhaps a bit too much to know what we’ll do with it. Would it not be awesome if you could give that time away to someone who has too little? Or that you could get an extra hour in your day from someone who is bored? Let’s not think about how it would work in practice…

Currently I’m debating with myself whether or not I should be happy that I get a lot of extra work and thus extra income (which is sorely needed), or be frustrated that I never have enough time for anything. I haven’t had a proper evening off in nearly two weeks now, having used all free time for translations, and my day jobs are fairly hectic nowadays too. It doesn’t look as if I’ll get one in at least a week either. I could have said no to that big job, but… Just that one job fills my entire monthly quota (yes, I’m budgeting) for next month. Of course, getting another important job in the middle of it kind of makes everything a bit more hectic… It is possible, as long as I am somewhat efficient and sacrifice my time off for the next week. I have scheduled Sundays off, though. Can’t sacrifice my writing/relaxing/long run days.

Still, even if I’m tired, it’s not like there’s no good things. First, I get extra money. After having been completely broke for what feels like (and probably is) years now, I can finally start paying off my credit cards properly. I can set aside some money for dance expenses, of which there are a lot. Provided that I keep getting translations, of course.

Besides, there are personal victories too. I have managed to keep up my running program even if life’s been hectic. I’m not a fast runner, but I’ve been at least a little bit faster than usual. And while I suspected that running was one of the things that kept my depression away, I’ve really noticed it lately. My mood’s been good (as opposed to my usual mood when I’m tired), I don’t really feel stressed, and running has felt far less like a chore and more like a reward lately. (YES! I get to move away from the computer!) Dance classes have also gone well this past week.

Even more of a victory: I’ve managed to stay below my calorie limit for TEN DAYS in a row now. While I managed several months in the past, this is far more of an achievement because:

  • I’ve been tired and busy. I’ve never managed to stick to any kind of calorie limit when tired in the past. And this is the most stressful period of the year for me.
  • I’ve hardly seen the sun, even if I’ve been out running. I really notice the winter, to put it that way – while I generally consider my depression to be gone, it pops up again during the dark months. But even if I’ve noticed it now and then during the past ten days, it hasn’t been allowed to dictate what I eat.
  • I made a plan and stuck to it. Both exercise AND food.
  • My troublesome foot has been really bad this past week. I may have pitied myself and eaten a bit more than I planned, but I haven’t been over the limit. I should perhaps have done less running and other high-impact exercise, but it won’t improve until we get some warmer temperatures anyway.

So with all these good things, I’ll try to ignore the fact that I’m not as far ahead in my studies anymore. Which is mostly due to the fact that, you know, I was so far ahead that I made a new plan. I really must start the next assignment soon, though, but apart from that… Well. I don’t think I should worry. I finally got the evaluation for my first mandatory assignment of the term (after checking the school website several times a day for weeks), and apart from a rather inexplicable error my teacher wrote that it was brilliant.

For the rest of this week, I’ll go running on Friday (my short run of the week, only 40 minutes) and Sunday (the loooong run). Normally I would have had dance class today, but it was cancelled. I would have replaced it by a ballet video or a workout video, but I don’t think I’ll have time due to a meeting. Perhaps I’ll do it on Saturday to keep my sanity… I’ve also been thinking of trying Piyo, so perhaps I’ll do that instead.

How has your week been?