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Last post wasn’t a very positive or optimistic post, I think. I was stressed, and I felt like a failure. I had not worked out that week apart from dance class, and I had given up on my running plans for the day due to the wind and the rain. It almost felt as if I had a mental block against running, in a way. Well, guess what?

Not long after I had written that post, I went running. In the wind. And the rain. It was a short and not-very-fast run, only 25 minutes or so, but it felt SO good to have done it. Then I had dance on Monday, which went completely fine (no breakdowns like the past few weeks).

Tuesday was the first day of my running plan. Would you believe it, I actually did it. My legs felt heavy – not nearly as much as on Saturday, though – but not so much that I had any problems finishing. The only issues were syncing that damn program with my heart rate monitor before the run, but I got out the door in the end. It was a 50-minute run that ended up precisely according to plan. Not exactly fast, but definitely not my slowest 5km.

Those are not the only good news I have to share. Yesterday morning I finally dared to go back onto the scale, and that was a good thing. I had lost 1.5 kg since the 31st of January, which I am very happy about. I don’t have any idea exactly how it happened, since I’ve only been paying attention to my diet and exercise for four days now. Probably a bit of water weight, and I think I was pretty bloated during January. In any case that brings me below 85 kg again (yay!) and just 1.6 kg more than what I weighed at my lightest, which was exactly three months ago. (I actually thought I had gained nearly 3 kg, but sometimes it’s good to be wrong!)

Today is dance class again. First the one I help teach, then my own. I don’t feel extremely enthusiastic, mostly because I’m so tired today. I had intended to use Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and evening to relax, tidy my apartment and do something creative, but got a sudden influx of translation work that just needed to be done. So instead of having those hours off, I ended up working until ten on Tuesday and nine yesterday, immediately after my day jobs. So today I’m really, really, really, really tired. And cold. I always freeze my butt off when I’m tired (especially this type of tired), and these past two days… Not even coffee and a warm lunch helped.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m not exactly rich, and those translation jobs may help keep my head over water for the next month. It’s that time of year when the things that are billed annually (TV licence, travel insurance, the largest electricity bill of the year) tend to pile up, so while it’s tiresome, it’s removed quite a bit of stress too.

At least it’s a good thing that I’m so ahead in my studies (did I mention that I handed in one of my assignments a whole month before it was due? Yeah. I did.) that I had already decided to have a week off from that. Not that I would have had time for it, but still. I usually spend the hour between work and dance class in Starbucks, reading one of my books for class, but today I’ve brought a novel instead. I feel like I really need that hour today!