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Today I finally gathered enough courage to step on the scale again. After nearly two months of not-very-healthy eating I feared the worst. At the end of last summer I was at my lightest, at just below 83 kg. I knew I had gained weight – how could I not have? – but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Yes, I had gained 3 kg (between 6-7 pounds), but with a hectic timetable and me doing the good old emotional eating, it could definitely be worse. I’m still quite a bit below what I was this time of last year, and considering I am very bloated now due to one of my medications, I’m happy that it wasn’t worse.

After postponing it forever (or so it seemed) I finally went to the doctor on Friday, to get my foot checked out. Two of the toe joints have been acting up for well over a year now, and it’s frankly problematic for my dancing. There’s no definite answers yet, but she said it might look like arthritis – which I have suspected too. And since it runs in my family… Well. We’ll see how it goes. On the other hand, I also told her that I had been able to quit antidepressiva completely, which she was very happy to hear. So that was nice! (Sorry, this apparently became a very disjointed post…)

Last piece of news: I signed up for the half marathon distance at the Bergen City Marathon, which apparently has become an annual tradition after one year. I am running with one of my best friends, and even if we get quite different results and barely run together, we at least start together. And this year I’ll manage to get below 3 hours. It’s not anywhere near the results of many other running/training blogs out there, but I cannot pretend to be better than I am.

The BCM is a very supportive and encouraging event. People of all sizes and shapes compete, and the people along the course are super-supportive. The fact that I managed to get through the entire thing last year, after not having trained whatsoever for a month and being considerably heavier than now, is partially due to those wonderful people. I am excited to see how it feels now that I have two half marathons behind me – if it’s harder or easier than I remember from last time. Lesson learnt from last time though: This year I’ll arrange for someone with a car to drive me home instead of waiting for my bus. It tends to get very cold… 😉

Well, off to find a training program. Do you have a good half marathon training plan to recommend?