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As we’re getting further into December and yet another day passes by when my food choices have been… questionable at best, I am forced to face some uncomfortable truths. Really, neither my diet nor my amount of exercise have been anywhere close to healthy since the beginning of November. There are excuses, of course. In November I was noveling (doing NaNoWriMo), and while it was a record year (211k!) and I am reasonably happy with what I wrote, it ate absolutely all of my exercise time. I did go to dance class, of course, but with two job travels I had to skip it more than I like.

Now life is extremely busy with two busy jobs and exams looming right around the corner. Since I’m a comfort eater when I’m stressed, which I’m constantly nowadays, it really doesn’t help that stores are battling it out to have the lowest prices on my favourite Christmas candy. Without exercise I haven’t been able to keep the stress away, which has led to even worse eating habits, sleeping badly at night, and feeling like I don’t have any time to exercise at all.

And the results are as they always are. Weight has started to creep back on, and even if I haven’t dared to step on the scale lately, I can feel it, and besides, simple maths. I know what I have eaten, I know (though I have ignored it) how many calories it has. Worse than that, symptoms of my past depression have started to show up again. The lack of proper sleep. The exhaustion and lack of initiative. The short fuse and lack of ability to deal with small problems, to mention a few. Being my first winter without antidepressiva, I really should have made extra efforts to ensure that I ate well, exercised enough (but not too much) and worked on the mental side of it.

BUT! I didn’t write this blog entry to be a pessimist only able to focus on my own problems without doing anything about it, even if it takes ages for me to get to the point. It’s not at all too late to do something about this. Because I am actually doing something about it, and since it’s now on the Internet I sort of have to stick to it, don’t I?

Anyway. Since I don’t have a regular advent calendar this year, I thought I’d make a workout one. Yes, we’re well into December already, but better late than never, right? So here’s the plan:

  1. From now on until December 24th my scale is off-limits. I tend to get too caught up in the numbers and not enough in what I do to get those numbers, and it might become a nice Christmas present to myself.
  2. I will exercise in some shape or form every day, but: I will not do the same type of exercise two days in a row, nor will I overdo it. This means that if I run one day, I’ll do strength training, dancing, combat training or aerobics the next, and so on. And I will not exercise at the same length and intensity two days in a row. If I do a long workout one day, I have to do a short one the next.
  3. I will stretch for at least ten minutes a day, since my neck and shoulders and everything else from my head to my hips are really stiff and inflexible at the moment.
  4. I will stay under my calorie limit every day until – but not including – Christmas Eve. I might make some allowances for my birthday, but I haven’t decided yet.
  5. I will eat veggies every day.
  6. I will say nice things to myself every day.
  7. I will use the Mindfit app every day, since I’ve already seen that it helps a lot.

This might seem excessive, but it’s only for two weeks, after all. Besides, most of these are things I need to do anyway in order to get my head back to normal.

Anyone who wants to join me?