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Wow, look, a new blog post! Who’d have thought! Long story short, lots of things happened since last time, and I’m only just beginning to get back to normal.

For one thing, after months of doing well both with regards to nutrition and exercise and tracking every single day, I’ve been slipping up. I have hardly been working out, except going to dance class, and my diet’s been… well, let’s not talk about that. And after being back to tracking my calories for a few days, I slipped up again today. I’m currently 700 kcal over my limit. Because I ate both crisps AND candy instead of dinner. Can I fix it? Time will tell!

One of the reasons why I’ve been slipping up is because I’ve finally gotten a second job. I’ve desperately needed the extra income, and while I only applied to be a substitute teacher now and then, I got an offer to teach German and English this school year, and I of course accepted. It’s been extremely scary, but also very, very awesome. My students are great, the school is good, the other teachers are awesome, and teaching is more fun and more demanding than I thought it would be.

In addition to that, it’s election time at my main job, and I also started part-time studies this semester, in business/finance. Sooo… busy. And I’ve had a rather stubborn cold, too. I’ve been completely exhausted these past few weeks, but there’s been a LOT of new things, so it will get better. I’m not used to working five days a week yet, after all.

I’ve also made a very hard decision. I will not be competing in dance this year. I’ll try to get to a feis in spring, but there’ll be nothing this autumn. I’m already balancing on the edge of doing too much this semester, and it would have been a weight on my shoulders. Since I cannot afford going either, it is the one thing that could be sacrificed. It’s a pity, but then I can save money for the Hullachan Pro before I compete again. And get a dress that actually fits. Instead I’ll be focusing hard on improving my technique (the heel kicks in Garden of Daisies will be the death of me, I swear, and let’s not even begin to talk about my rocks) and helping out with the beginners.

Also! I got new shoes today! Technically I got them three weeks ago, as a reward from my mother for reaching a weight loss goal, but though they felt awesome in store, they were very painful to use. Pity. I like Nike – around half of my workout clothes (the best half) is Nike – but apparently their shoes and my feet don’t go along. So today I went to the store and exchanged them for a pair of Asics:


Don’t they look nice? (I’ve actually wanted that colour for my hair for a long time… At least my fringe, if I cut it short. Wonder if I’ll ever dare?) I’ve always favoured Asics, honestly, so it came as no surprise that I ended up with them again. The guy at the store was adamant that these were far better quality-wise than the Nikes I had originally bought (at another store in the chain). Doesn’t really matter when I couldn’t use the Nikes anyway, of course!

Perhaps I should do a test run tonight. Get back into exercising. Even if I feel really tired, perhaps some good old exercise is what my brain really needs. That’s been the solution before, anyway, when I don’t feel like I get rested no matter how much I rest. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been glued to my computer either, of course…

OK, time to log off and find my workout clothes!