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So, two days ago I tried P90 (Sculpt A) for the first time, as I probably have mentioned a couple of times now. It was okay – strength workouts don’t tend to be super-exciting anyway – but not more than that. There were some exercises I couldn’t do, simply because I had no means of attaching my fitness band to the door hinges, and I felt it was a little short. I was also surprised that none of the sets were repeated whatsoever, you just went from one thing to another to yet another. I would rather have had fewer exercises and more sets, to be honest. I liked the dumbbell exercises and the 1/2 pushups, though, as well as the squats and lunges.

My biggest disappointment – granted, it’s not exactly extreme disappointment we’re talking about here, but nonetheless – is that I haven’t been sore at all afterwards. Often, at least when I’ve done strength training, I don’t really feel it much the morning after, but in the evening and the day after that? Oh yes. But this IS two days after and I haven’t felt a thing. I’m not that strong, nor that used to strength training.

I realise of course that people wouldn’t have gotten the results they have if it didn’t work. And perhaps it’s part of the benefit of not staying with one exercise long but constantly moving on to the next. I also know that whether or not you’re being sore isn’t necessarily a good indicator of how effective a workout is. Nonetheless, I do wonder if I might have been better off going back to my old program.

On the other hand, I don’t feel it’s fair to only give it one chance. The exercises for the arms and shoulders are good (an area in which my old program is somewhat lacking). I often struggle with consistency, and sticking to a program for the full duration might be good for me. Besides, it’s not a long workout at all, only 20 minutes. It won’t kill me to stick to it, since I often skip strength training anyway. If it’s lighter than I would like, I would be able to do more than one type of training in one day anyway, at least for a while, which is a good thing.

Anyway, we’ll see. I’ll probably stick to it for a while longer.