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I thought I had thought of everything when I made my workout plan. I had figured out when I had dance, when I was busy with other things, when I usually run, when I can strength train, and when I would be away and unable to dance or use any DVDs and so on.

I forgot that this period is really, really hectic. Such as, not getting home from meetings before ten at night (still did my strength workout though) and having visitors after work today (managed to do the cleaning *just* before they arrived). Having said visitors today so I couldn’t run. Having a friend over for the entire weekend – though hopefully I can convince her to go for a run or hike with me – and promising to work on Friday, which is my day off. Oh well. And on Tuesday, my strength day normally, will be full from dawn to midnight, quite literally. No workout possible.

But it happens. Even if I try to follow a set program I’d only make things difficult for myself if I become fanatic about it. As long as I get most days right, and mind what I eat, it should be good enough.

Despite poor planning, I have started to see results. My weight keeps going down, although it tends to be stagnant for several days on end until it suddenly plummets, only to stand still for several days more, and then plummets again… but as long as it’s in the right direction overall, I won’t complain. And I’ve lost more than 1 kg per week for the past month. (Still haven’t exceeded my calorie limit, by the way) I’ve also started to notice some muscles here and there, which I’m thrilled about.

Tomorrow will be spent working, then getting some writing done at Starbucks, and then dance class. And then bed. It will be a good day.