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I have been feeling a certain lack of direction in my training as of late. Not that it’s altogether bad – I need at least some leeway to change things around when the rest of my plans suddenly change – but it’s also hard to get results or proper variation.

A friend of a friend of mine have been doing P90 for a month or so, and recommended it to me. I generally am a huge fan of Beachbody workouts, but there are two problems I often get: 1. Only one rest day per week for most of them, and 2. Almost impossible to combine with other training unless you’re willing to substitute something (and know what to substitute). I once tried following a program to the letter, while taking my regular dance classes – it did not end well.

However, I really need more muscles, and have suddenly ended up with P90 (not P90X – one letter, huuuge difference) in my possession. I also took the time to adjust the workout schedule to my own, because that is the only way I will be able to follow it. Firstly, I will need to be able to work around my dance classes. They are two hours long and quite intense, so there is no way I can train any more on those days. And then there’s the running. I have a half marathon in September, and while cross-training is good, I still need to actually run. And there’s also the small matter of another program I have been doing, Les Mills Combat, which is extremely fun. Or ballet, which is also extremely fun. Or both.

I googled it a bit how to combine P90 and running, and found several tips that I could simply skip the cardio (“sweat”) workouts in P90 and replace them with my own cardio. There are two calendar options for P90, one with two “sculpt” workouts per week, and one with three. Due to the time I can only follow the one with two, and it won’t even be the entire thing. But at least I’ll get some more strength done!

The plan I’ve made for the first four weeks (block A) is as follows:

Mondays: Dance class (except next Monday, which is directly after a long hike)
Tuesday: Sculpt workout
Wednesday: Running+ab ripper workout (P90 sweat workout if the weather doesn’t permit running)
Thursday: Dance
Friday: Sculpt workout
Saturday: Les Mills Combat workout (any length) and/or ballet and/or P90 Saturday Special workout and/or running+some Irish dance-specific exercises
Sunday: Rest

The remaining program more or less follows this setup, except that the “sculpt” workouts increase in level and there are some adjustments due to travel and so on. I hope that it won’t be too much in a week – the workouts vary in length, and it’s never the same twice in a row. Saturdays are sort of the “whatever I feel like” day, depending on what shape I’m in and what I need to work at. For example, for a while now I will have to work on dance-related things to improve my technique. Since Saturday has a non-dance day at either end, I figured that was the best day.

We’ll see how it goes once I get into it 🙂