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Today I’ve been utterly irresponsible with money. Not that I bought very expensive things, but a lot of little things add up quite a bit. I met up with a friend of mine at Starbucks, and we went to a couple of stores afterwards. A local and very good health food store, who have a lot of food that ordinary grocery stores or supermarkets just don’t have. Unfortunately they are also quite expensive. I limited myself to black rice noodles – never tried them before – and a Quest bar, which I’ve never tried before either, but which hopefully can replace my “between work and dance class”-chocolate that I currently use. I had planned to buy their brown rice and wakame noodles, which are seriously good, but since it’s expensive I’ll rather order them online. I use Japan Centre for that.

dagens kjøpI also bought a new jump-rope, because my old one is simply unusable. This one feels better, although I can’t blame the rope for my lack of jump-rope skills anymore. Technically I get quite a lot of jumping in dance class (there are very few things in Irish dance that you do without jumping) so I might have to be careful not to overdo it, or my ankles will protest again. But I don’t have to do a lot at once, after all. A little now and then does the trick quite nicely.

Afterwards I went to my part of town and met another friend of mine for another round of shopping. We didn’t buy a lot, but did a lot of browsing. The question of the day was how on earth four health food stores (at least) could survive in two small malls within short walking distance of each other – it remains a mystery, but we did notice that all of the staff were very attentive. Don’t think all of them have much of a profit.

I did buy a new batch of notebooks and pens, which are indispensable for a forgetful amateur writer, and new chopsticks, which you can see in the picture above. They’re blue! I love them. I could have done without the writing on them, and I prefer chopsticks with a pointier end. Buuut I like them. I have a rather large collection of chopsticks, but I think I’ll get rid of those that I don’t like. Nice with an excuse to buy new ones! I did find another set of beautiful wooden chopsticks, but it was a bit expensive, and since I already bought these… I put them back. Kind of wish I had found those first. (Not that I’m not currently looking at better ones online… *ahem*)

At least I now know some of my weaknesses – noodles and chopsticks. And cups. Luckily we didn’t go to the store that had mugs with owls on them, or I would have come home with a set. Aaand household stuff, such as napkins and tablecloths and the like. And workout clothes and random gym equipment. Turns out I have a lot of weaknesses!