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This is a post that I actually did not believe I would get to write. In fact I put it off for several days just in case I would fail immediately after, as I often have done before. It actually seems like what I’m doing is working. It have now had my eleventh “green” day (I use MyFitnessPal on my phone, and whenever I am under my net calorie limit that day, it turns green in the reports) and for the first time it doesn’t really feel hard.

I’m still doing intermittent fasting, and though the fast sometimes gets too short because of evening dance classes (it takes a while to get back home, and I can’t not eat properly afterwards (because it’s so intensive I can’t eat a lot directly before either)) I’ve decided not to let myself become stressed over that. I think this eating style suits me very well. I can eat the foods I like, without worrying about having to eat when I’m not hungry, and go through a whole list of dinner choices in order to find something that’s lean enough. The only times I actually get hungry is the last 30-45 minutes before my lunch break at work (nothing new there, in fact) and around seven-ish in the evening, which is when I usually eat my dinner.

The curious thing is that I don’t really crave chips/crisps or chocolate anymore. I have eaten them, either because I had troubles getting enough calories or needed quick and cheap energy between work and dance class (could have gone with bananas, but I’m not too fond of them, and am intolerant to most other fruits that you can eat on the go). I haven’t quite gotten over the amount of bananas I had on half marathon day either, so perhaps next week. I also have a recipe for healthy energy bars, so I might try to make those instead.

I’ve had plenty of energy these days, and while I know it might not last once my body settles into the new diet, I enjoy it while I can. My apartment is clean, I have no problems with exercise (I don’t feel like I depend as much on a constant supply of energy anymore, which is nice since I like long runs and dance class lasts for several hours) and I sleep better. I have even ironed twice this week! I expected to be lethargic at work before lunch, with the lack of breakfast, but actually the opposite is true. I’ve become far more efficient before lunch, up until the last 30 minutes before, perhaps, and it kind of slows down a lot after lunch. I don’t have any of the signs of lower metabolism either.

I’ve also lost weight, 2.1 kg in the last two weeks (about 300 grams before I started). 100g less, and I’ll have lost everything I gained after Christmas. I think I can see it here and there – I doubt it’s muscles, since my body’s become both stronger and firmer, and I don’t feel any weaker when I exercise or do daily chores.

Still too early to tell though, so we’ll see if this keeps on this way, but I am optimistic!