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As you might have noticed, I haven’t really posted here much lately. I’ve had two wonderful weeks of headaches and the exhaustion and bad mood that tends to follow along. I’ve not been able to exercise (in case something was, you know, wrong), my eating habits went down the drain, work’s been difficult because of the pain, I’ve not been able to do anything useful whatsoever. Painkillers did absolutely nothing.

I ended up going to the optician last Thursday (since my vision is usually at fault when I get these long-lasting headaches), and it turned out to be a pretty good idea. Turns out that since I’m nearsighted and my glasses are designed to help me actually see something at a distance, they’re a bit too strong for comfort for things that are closer than an arm’s length away. The eyes have to work twice as hard to help me see clearly. It’s normally not a problem except if you have the kind of work where you use the computer all day, every day, and most of your spare time is used on things that you have to see up close (reading, using the computer, drawing…)

The conclusion is that I need computer glasses for work. These are weaker than my regular ones, and since I need them because of work, my employer is required by law to cover at least some of the expenses. I’ll have to endure the headaches for two more weeks, but I’ve been told to take off my glasses at work – being dizzy is better than being in pain, after all. And it’s nice to know that I can exercise to my heart’s content again.

Since my optician had a 2-for-1 offer, I ordered a very nice, blue pair for work, and a green and black pair as a replacement for my current glasses. I figure I can keep using my current glasses when I work out, since I won’t have to worry about them. If I remember.

Yesterday I officially started working out again, and did an hour-long online ballet class. It was very nice – for the first time I felt some improvement in my technique, although it’s hard to say when I can’t get personal feedback and don’t see myself. Today I did 30 minutes of Les Mills Combat, my favourite workout DVDs, and very handy in order to bring variation into my training. Plus, exercising again has really lifted my mood. My mood is usually really bad when I don’t get to exercise for a while…