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This has been a good week. I cannot say that my food choices were entirely the best this week either, but they were better. I only went over my calorie limit on Tuesday. After a bit of thought I’ve decided that one “red” day (days when I go over my limit get a red bar in my app) per week is allowed. No more, and preferrably less – and on the condition that I do not go over my weekly calorie limit, and track everything. It might help with the “oh no, I went over my limit and now everything is ruined”-binges I sometimes have.


My diet keeps improving. I still eat too much snacks, but I think it’s a bit better than last week. I have tracked everything I have eaten, and while I went over my limit on Tuesday, my average for the week is below it. So far, at least – the day isn’t over yet. I’ve also eaten healthier dinners – somehow I’ve become really fond of fish, and have eaten fish four times this week. If you buy frozen fish it’s also quite a cheap alternative, at least around here.


I have exercised quite a lot this week. I wrote about some of the days in my last blog post, but here is everything:

Monday: Dancing, 105 mins, 942 kcal
Tuesday: Recovery day
Wednesday: Ballet, 21 mins (the video froze), 141 kcal, and Les Mills Combat, 44 mins, 485 kcal
Thursday: Walking, 50 mins, 246 kcal; Ballet, 76 mins, 293 kcal; Les Mills Combat, 32 mins, 312 kcal
Friday: Walking, 27 mins, 142 kcal; Turbo Jam, 56 mins, 613 kcal
Saturday: Running, 52 mins, 714 kcal
Sunday: Recovery day (mostly because I’m not well)

On Friday I decided to change things around a bit, and found my old Turbo Jam video. I really, really liked those videos last year, but after doing Les Mills Combat, which has more authentic martial art moves, it felt a bit… silly. It’s not quite the right word, but I cannot find a better one. It was definitely not as fun as it had been, and when I work out at home I prefer videos where I learn a skill – hence ballet and combat.

My running buddy and I have also started our weekly runs again, mostly because our half marathon is a bit too soon for comfort. There’s still nearly three months left, but they go by quickly. I also have an agreement with another friend of mine to start strength training once a week. I have also begun an endurance program for running, having realised that in order for my legs to handle a half marathon I need to spend a lot more of my workout time running. I will have to change my other workouts around a bit to ensure that I get enough recovery as well.


That’s right, I have some progress to report! Since last post I’ve lost 0.9 kg, in less than a week! Some of it is probably due to other reasons (some things are *ehem* working better), but I’m thrilled nonetheless. I have also lost 4 cm in total in less than a week (I didn’t start doing measurements before earlier this week). I’m very happy that there are changes already.

The week ahead

There will be some challenges in the coming week, mostly pertaining to work. There’s the AGM, which lasts for two days and which I have to help set up. There will be a lot of sitting (since I run the power point presentation that goes on throughout the meeting), a fancy dinner which is probably not very low-calorie (and probably hard to track), other hotel food, long hours between eating, and so on. On the other hand I’ll most likely be able to go to both dance classes this week, plus my run with friend 1 and strength workout with friend 2. If I don’t get sick – I’m feeling a bit under the weather today and hope it doesn’t get worse.

How has your week been?