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Last week was the first week I logged absolutely everything I ate. Well, except for two carrots, but they’re hardly a big deal. It was also my big “getting back to working out” week, and though I did more than I probably should, I am happy.


My food intake has been so-so. Calorie-wise it has been good, and the only day I went over my limit was Friday. I spent five hours just drinking coffee at a café with a friend of mine, and then we met up later in the evening and went to the movies after eating out. So I am not surprised. I did not go much over, though, and I was well below my limit for the week.

The reason I am not quite so happy is that my food choices weren’t the smartest. I’ve eaten chocolate (which I should not really eat because of health reasons to begin with) or candy or crisps nearly every day. While I didn’t go over my calories due to all the exercise, I’m not exactly building good habits. Still, for my part there’s a very fine line between being strict enough and too strict with myself, and I’d rather be a bit too lenient and know that I can keep going. I don’t need to lose all my weight at once, after all.

It should perhaps be noted here that my last weigh-in showed that I have lost 0.4 kg since Monday last week. I always get a bit heavier when I have worked out more than usual (water retention, perhaps?), so I am very happy with this.


I have worked out a lot for the past week, as you can see from my previous post from Tuesday. I’ll post everything here:

– Tuesday 27th: Pilates/stretching, 55 minutes. Thought I said I shouldn’t work out that day…
– Wednesday 28th: Dancing (ballet) 74 mins, 491 kcal, Les Mills Combat 55 mins, 645 kcal
– Thursday 29th: Aerobics (video) 24 mins, 114 kcal (don’t remember what it was, but my heart was clearly not in it), and stretching for 42 minutes.
– Friday 30th: Dancing (ballet) 77 mins, 493 kcal. Les Mills Combat, 35 mins, 467 kcal.
– Saturday 31st: Running for 60 minutes, 839 kcal (Yes! Back in the game!)
– Sunday 1st: Les Mills Combat, 62 mins, 576 kcal
– Monday 2nd: Irish dancing (my first class after Christmas!) 105 mins, 942 kcal. I thought I had kept my stamina up… I hadn’t. Clearly intense aerobics is not enough to not feel like you’re going to die during dance.

Overall I am happy with the week. I try to have recovery days in between, but it’s been so fun working out lately that I haven’t been able to. I have a heart rate monitor that tells me when I’m in danger of overreaching, and so far it seemed okay. But yesterday was dancing, and that means really, really intense intervals during the two hours that class lasts (a dance typically lasts a bit more than a minute, and you have to give it your all every time, or your rhythm or technique will be off. Combine that with steps that are full of both jumps and fast footwork, and you have a recipe for exhaustion). I barely managed to get up this morning, in fact. I wasn’t really sore, I just felt heavy and slow all over. So today will be a complete rest day. Not even stretching (at least not very much).

Competitions and other news

I have signed up for my very first half marathon, on the last weekend of April I think. I can’t say that I feel very confident, having never run longer than just below 10km, but I’ll do my best. If I didn’t sign up now, I might have postponed both the race and the training, and ended up in the same situation.

In the end of May there’s the four-mountain hike here in town, and I’ll participate with a friend of mine and some of her friends. I don’t yet know if I look forward to it or not, but we’ll see. I’m not very good uphill, but it’s good to have a goal.

On the last weekend of June there’s another race, this time up a mountain near my hometown. Or race – we’re not entering in the group that is timed, but the one where you participate just for fun. I’ve done it three times before, I think, and it’s very fun. Not all the time, since it’s pretty steep here and there during the hike, but it’s the best feeling ever once you reach the top (and even better when you reach the buses when you’re back down).

I’m quite glad that I have a few things like that this spring. Dance competitions are in autumn, so I always struggle a bit with my motivation during spring. I need something to work towards, to keep my motivation up!

Well, that was it for today, sorry for the very long post. I am working on a proper workout plan, simple but doable (which is always my problem), and I’ll post it here once I’m happy with it.