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I’m currently sitting by my kitchen table, drinking coffee and testing my new WordPress app. The card reader for my camera has mysteriously disappeared, though I think I know who’s got it. But in the meantime it forces me to use my phone instead. It’s a lot better on my new phone, for some reason. But that means that the recipe I had intended to post yesterday will have to wait until I can take a new picture.

It took some time, getting back on track after Christmas. It didn’t help that it’s been insanely busy at work, with overtime and stress and whatnot. Cooking dinner after the fourth day with hefty overtime isn’t exactly the most creative affair, nor the most healthy one. And when there isn’t enough hours in the day to work out either, things easily get out of hand. Together with a very lazy Christmas and plenty of good food, I’ve tipped over 90 kg again. Not for long!

This week I finally began working out again. I love the Les Mills Combat DVDs I got from Beachbody, so they’ve become my go-to workout of choice. It’s silly, but I haven’t dared to go do dance class yet because I felt so horribly out of shape. But I did the 30-minute combat workout on Tuesday, plus on Friday. That went very well, and I found it easier not to overeat after working out (it also helped that I discovered that I couldn’t eat my ice cream because I got headaches for the rest of the day…). Yesterday I overdid it a bit, but I felt fine and still do. 45 minutes combat DVD, half of it with weighted gloves, and a bit more than an hour with an online ballet class via Kathryn Morgan. I don’t do ballet normally – that was my first time – but it helps my Irish dancing immensely. I was surprised at how many calories I burned at such low intensity, though – according to my heart rate monitor it was more than 1200 kcal in total for both workouts. Needless to say, I didn’t eat all of the extra calories.

Today will be a relaxing day. After all that exercise my mood is back to normal, and I’ve gotten rid of most of the work stress. I’ve eaten my usual breakfast of two boiled eggs and a soy latte (the eggs weren’t finished when I took the photo above, but you can see the fantastic moustache eggcups I got for Christmas – aren’t they the greatest eggcups ever?). I’ve put on the dishwasher and the laundry, done the dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, and tidied up a little. I was thinking that maybe I should take the day off from working out, but I might do a short one plus a lot of stretching. I’m in that kind of mood where I can’t not work out.

I also have a recipe I’m going to post later today – a multi-diet dinner that you can use on low carb, low FODMAP, and the 5:2 diet on your fasting days. Not only that, but it’s quick and easy. Not the most creative dish out there, but it works, and I think it tastes great.