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There are two things that don’t get along in this world. It’s me, and food. Either I eat too much, too little, too unhealthy or too rigidly, and no matter what I do I cannot seem to figure out what it is that I cannot eat. I used to be able to eat almost anything, but health issues and treatment and bad eating habits over a long time has changed that.

Before Christmas I went low carb for a while, with good results. From experience I know that if I limit my sugar intake, things improve. I know that bread is something I can only have now and then. Same with milk. But those things are clearly not enough.

Recently I heard about the low fodmap diet, which doesn’t limit all carbs, merely those with high fodmap. It does explain why rice is no problem, but bread is, for example. But I am also reluctant to try it – I would not only have to limit foods such as onions, garlic and mushroom (some of my favourites) but also my regular morning soy latte. At the same time it would definitely be worth it if it worked…

We will see. There’s a new low fodmap recipe book out here now, I might buy it just to see if it might be an option…