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So, I had planned on being healthy this Christmas – not eating overmuch of anything, going for runs, doing calisthenics every day, or at least the days when I was not running. That didn’t happen. On Christmas Eve my mother and I were involved in a minor car accident – no injuries, but I hit my head and I am now well into my second week with almost-headaches all day (those where you feel that something’s wrong and you feel the tension, but it’s juuust before the point where they become painful), replaced with proper headaches whenever I’ve spent too much time in front of the computer or a book. Which is almost always, since apart from running/dancing I only have habits and interests that involve computers or books or too much noise.

There’s been some improvement today, so I hope things will be back to normal within a few days. Since my self control evaporates into nothing whenever I don’t exercise my eating habits have been rather bad, but I am slowly turning things around. I’ve decided not to feel bad about Christmas splurging – it was Christmas, after all – but focus on the weeks ahead. Tomorrow’s my first day at work after the holidays, and since I don’t expect my head to be very good at the end of the workday, I’ve decided that whatever happens, diet-wise, happens. Tuesday is another matter. For my birthday I got a gift card for a book store from work, and I’ve decided to use some of it for a recipe book that I wanted for Christmas, but didn’t get. It has plenty of delicious recipes, it’s low carb and it’s for all kinds of occasions. Even healthy desserts! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

New header

As you can see, I finally updated my header. It’s a bit (or very) shoddy editing, but I couldn’t be more precise without my drawing tablet. There’s something wrong with the drivers (it’s not fully compatible with Windows 7), and I cannot remember what to do when it acts up. But it works for now. I even learnt some new Photoshop tricks for it. The header contains three pairs of shoes – my running shoes and my dancing shoes. The ones to the left are my hard shoes, which are used in Irish dance to create the tap sound (made by the fibreglass blocks in the heel and under the toes). The pair in the middle is my soft shoes, which are much like ballet slippers only in soft leather.


I always go on about how I don’t really care much for New Year’s resolutions… and yet I always make them. I always intend to follow through with them, too, but I rarely do. And so this year I’ve made only a few resolutions:

1. Throughout 2015, I will listen to my body. Reduce the strain if I’m too stressed, exercise less if I’m too sore, eat what is beneficial to my body, make sure I get enough nutrients and enough sleep.

2. I will keep a regular but varied exercise schedule, not just to lose weight, but to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. I will exercise at least four days a week, but allow myself to do only light exercise if that is needed.

3. I will start working with my chronic illness, accepting that there are certain limitations, and to do the best with what I can do, instead of beating myself up over what I cannot do. I will work on being the best that I can be, with the abilities that I have, instead of those that I wish I had.

4. I will update this blog regularly, at least once per week, in order to keep myself accountable.

Do you have any resolutions?