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So, I began exercising again two days ago. It was highly on time, but at the same time I think I needed a bit of a break after the competitions. Not that it has been that long, really, it just feels like forever.

I have this Beachbody DVD set called Les Mills Combat, which is really, really, really, really awesome. I have always liked martial arts, but I have never dared – nor had the time – to begin doing it. I also love doing workout DVDs, especially if there’s good music and engaging instructors. This set so happens to have both. It also has enough rest days (two per week), which has sometimes been a problem with other programs. Until now I’ve mainly just done a workout here and there, because I have danced so much, but now dancing is soon over for the semester, the weather is too bad for running (even for me) and I have decided to follow the actual workout plan.

Thursday was my first day doing it. I did the workout called Workout 30 – a thirty-minute, basic combat workout which has been my go-to workout when I needed to work out lately. It is great – not too long, not too short, and you definitely get a good workout with all the kicking and punching. Yesterday… Yesterday was my first day with one of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts in the program, with weight training, and boy, do I feel it today. While doing it, it did not feel too strenous – the numerous squats were kind of hard towards the end, but I used lighter weights than I normally would, and since I did not really feel fatigued afterwards I did not expect to feel it today. It might not have helped to have done a ballet workout for improving my turnout directly afterwards, but eh. Today I can hardly walk, and going down stairs was… interesting, to put it like that. Still, despite the pain, it’s great to feel like you’ve worked out. And it was a pretty clear sign that I don’t do strength training often enough.

I should have done a 45-minute workout today, but decided to postpone it to tomorrow, when I can hopefully walk again. Instead I’ve eaten ethiopian food with a friend of mine (it’s soooooo good), gone to the movies to see the latest Hunger Games movie, and talked with my brother on the phone for nearly an hour. Now I’ll tweak my photoblog a little, then it’s straight to bed.