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After leaving the blog alone on such a serious note last time, it’s finally brighter days here. Quite literally, as it has been two days of sunlight after quite a few days of rain, wind, horizontal rain and some more wind. But of course, also because I’m back on track.

I have currently tracked my food for a week (this is my 8th day in a row) and been under my calorie limit every day. (Yay!) I’ve actually eaten fish twice this week, which has been ages since I did, and I am starting to figure out the whole “eating healthy while on a strict budget” thing. Frozen veggies is a life-saver in that regard. Sure, I would rather eat fresh veggies, but those are more expensive.

The best thing of all? My sugar intake has been drastically reduced. I haven’t eaten any chocolate, not even free chocolate at work meetings, and I have reduced my intake of foods with added sugar in them. Not all of them, since there’s added sugar in everything, but it’s much, much better than only a week ago.

The thing I’m the most proud of, though, is that I’ve quit soda. It’s not really related to the sugar thing, since I’ve stuck to diet soda for years now, but still. More than 1.5 litres of Pepsi Max every single day for years is not good for you, even if you take the aspartame out of the picture. Too much coffeine, too much carbonation. I’m only on my third day without soda now, but the coffeine headache has begun to go away, and so far I’ve remembered to drink other things (should be logical, but I always forget) so that I don’t get dehydrated.

Exercise is also going well. It’s less than a week until my first dance competition in three years, but so far my nerves are under control. I don’t feel confident in all my dances, but I seldom do anyway. I should probably vary my training a bit, add some strength or pilates, since it’s all dance at this point. But at the same time there’s so much dance that I can’t really add anything more to it, nor can I take anything away since I really need to know my dances. I’ll have to postpone the strength training until next week, I think.