Argh, it seems like I always do this. Start off bravely with a lot of good plans and goals that I’ve put effort into making manageable and good, and then I stumble at the starting line. It’s not that my willpower suddenly disappeared, but things always happen.

This time it was a cold. My immune system is normally very good, particularly when I take the time to exercise, and most colds tend to just become sniffles and lack of energy for a day or two, then I’m well again. Yesterday I started feeling the familiar itching and soreness in the throat, and my head felt as if it had tripled its weight suddenly. I still went to work, but should probably have stayed at home. I did manage to get through the day, but as always when I’m sick I didn’t have a remote chance of sticking to my diet. So not only did I eat a lunch that wasn’t too good in the sugar department, but I ate a chocolate at work, then a bag of candy after work. Yeeah… not exactly sticking to the plan. And it’s probably not exactly helping my energy levels today (what energy levels by the way?).

So instead I’m sitting here, editing photos for my photoblog (link will be posted when I’ve finished redoing the whole blog), trying to tidy up my apartment a little bit and discarding all my plans for the weekend.