I had thought it would be hard to get back into exercising after the conference. I don’t generally like to be wrong – I hate it, in fact – but this is one of those cases where being wrong is rather nice. I also thought it would be super-scary to go back to dancing after such a long break. Turns out I was wrong about that, too.

On Mondays, there’s only one thing on my list if I don’t count work – dancing. I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but I do Irish dancing twice a week, and will compete for the first time in years in just a little more than a month (eeek!). I have a somewhat troubled history with dancing – I have a tendency not to stick with anything for long, and I’m not used to working hard at achieving something. Either I do it at first or second try, or I try something else – and then there are all those long breaks due to illness. So I’m kind of used to lagging behind in dance class.

This Monday was my first dance practice since sometime in June, and I was super-nervous. Dancing after several months is always really hard, because the muscles aren’t used to it anymore. But actually it went really fine. I had managed to improve some of my weak points, and my stamina had become better. Turns out my running program must have worked.

Yesterday I actually wasn’t sore at all, so I decided that my planned run could, well, go as planned. It didn’t, it went better. Normally for interval runs I run to a small lake approx. 2.5-3 km away, run two laps around, and then home. It isn’t as impressive as it might sound, since the lake is very small (around 1.4 km according to a route planner online). But since I felt fine, despite dancing the day before, I took three laps instead. It might have been smarter to drop the last lap so that I actually managed to run the entire way home instead of walking for the last two kilometres, but I did do three laps. 

Today I barely managed to get out of bed. Not because I was tired, because I’ve found it far easier to get up in the mornings nowadays, but because I was stiff and sore. Good thing I had planned a rest day today!