Well, it wasn’t quite my intention to forget everything about blogging for the past two weeks or so. It could be worse – I haven’t posted anything on my other blogs for more than two months. Ooops…

Things have been quite eventful during this time. I went to Rome with a friend of mine from the 21st to the 25th, which was great fun, but far too hot. Next time I go to Rome, it will not be in August. I did pack my running gear, but needless to say, I didn’t get any running done. I did a whole lot of walking and sweating, while being the wonderfully grumpy person that I am whenever it’s more than 25 degrees celcius outside. I saw plenty of interesting things – Villa de Medici, the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica (and Rome from the top of its dome), quite a few fascinating churches, the Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Teatro di Marcello, Colosseum (from the outside – too hot for the immense queue) the Capitol and probably some other things that I’ve forgotten. I’ve sat reading at a street cafe with the most wonderful tiramisu and cappuccino better than any I’ve tasted in Norway, eaten plenty of great food (including, FINALLY, some Korean – worth it!) and still not exceeded my daily calorie limit, and so on.

On the 25th, I took a flight to Milan, heading for a work conference by lake Como. We have this type of conference – for the regular staff – once a year, and most often it’s actually cheaper to travel abroad. Norwegian hotels are ridiculously expensive. With three and four courses both for lunch and dinner (including dessert for every meal) I ended up not counting calories – it wasn’t as if I could choose something else for dinner, though I probably should have dropped the dessert. But I did run! On Wednesday I ran along lake Como (the view was nice, but the sidewalks were made out of stone, so it was really hard for the feet. And occasionally there was no sidewalk, but plenty of fast-moving cars), and on Thursday I walked/ran up to a monastery, San Martino I think it was called. It was truly lovely, but I will never understand the need for putting stones everywhere. The walk/run back down was killing my feet, because the path was so hard (think cobblestones). 

I returned back home on Friday, and did not run during the weekend. I was so exhausted I actually thought I was ill yesterday. Today I’m fine, so probably it was just exhaustion. Plus a little frustration that the last one and a half weeks of the running program pretty much ebbed into nothing. 

Today I restarted the program on level 7 (the same level that I was on). I considered going up a level, but dancing practice is starting up again now, and I cannot risk injury now, with competition only a month or so away. Instead I’ll have to juggle three (sometimes four) days of running with two rather intense days of dancing, which will be a challenge. I don’t feel quite ready to have only one rest day per week on my four-run weeks yet, so probably at least one of them will have to be done on the same day as my dancing. Perhaps I should do another attempt at running in the mornings? At least that would make the logistics a bit easier. We’ll see!