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It’s been a week since my last post, and things are going well. It’s only a day left until I leave for Italy, and I haven’t really digested it yet. I, who have read books and books about ancient Rome, Roman mythology and the Roman empire and who dreamt for years about going there, AM going there. It’s slightly unreal. Next thing you know, I’ll get a chance to travel to South Korea (my current dream destination) – as if.

As of today I am perfectly on schedule with my endurance program. I ended up slightly ill on Wednesday and Thursday last week, and since I had a run (and dance practice) scheduled for Thursday I had to work really hard not to get too stressed about it. But during the weekend I was at home, so I ended up overdoing things and go for a run on both Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kind of what you end up with when you have runs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and delay the first… But it went really well. 

I think my technique must have improved really well. I get sore, of course, but not that agonizing, hardly-able-to-walk kind of soreness that I got back when I started running. Even if my times aren’t improving yet, I notice huge differences otherwise. Yesterday I ran my “regular” route for my basic and interval runs. It’s 5.6 km long, and while there are some hills (this is West Norway, after all) it’s not overly hilly. Compared to last time I ran there, I spent around 5 minutes longer, but my heart rate was significantly lower. I didn’t have to work so hard at keeping my heart rate down – didn’t have to walk whatsoever, in fact, not even up the hill before my street – and I generally felt more comfortable while running. 

What’s better is that it’s not long since my sometimes running partner and I ran there, and we felt really, really awesome for completing the whole run, and even running all the way to my street. For the record, my street is really, really, really steep, so there’s no way I ever run there. But today I actually did run part of it, and I felt far less exhausted than we did back then. Of course, my pace was significantly lower than it was back then, but endurance-wise I saw huge improvement. 

Currently I’m debating whether or not to run today or tomorrow, or both. I don’t know how much I’ll get to run in Italy, though I hope to manage an early morning run in Rome before heading north to Milan, where I’ll be at a conference, but I will certainly try. Still, it seems like a good idea to get some running done before we leave just in case.