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It’s officially week 2 of my endurance program, and yesterday was my first run of the week. There is nothing quite so satisfactory as going out for a run when the weather forecast has been absolutely horrible, with wind and rain, rain and more rain. It was even better when it hardly rained at all, it was just a drizzle.

The run went well. It was a basic run, meaning a 10-minute warmup, 35 minutes of running in zone 3, and then five minutes of cooldown (and another five minutes of getting back up the hill and home). It really felt like a nice, relaxed run – I wasn’t overly out of breath, and I felt like I held a nice speed. It wasn’t so nice when I returned home, loaded the data onto my computer and realised that both speed and distance and everything was worse than my first run in the program, a similar run on Monday last week.

Turned out it wasn’t so strange – I woke up with a sore throat and the hints of a fever today. In retrospect I am really happy I got out of the door at all… Now I just hope I get well soon, because I have dance practice tomorrow, a run scheduled for Friday, another for Saturday… But of course my health takes priority. But at least it’s nice to know that I might still be in better shape than a week ago despite what the numbers say 😉